Retractable Foldable Traffic Cone Road Cone Safety Cone LED
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An absolute must for all road users, the collapsible safety cone offers affordable protection for roadside emergencies such as collisions, breakdowns and flat tyres. It can be set up in a matter of seconds.
Easily stored under the front seat of a car or in the boot (the 450mm model will even fit into a motorcycle pannier!), the collapsible safety cone offers motorists the piece of mind when trouble occurs by making them easily visible to other drivers.


  • Ideal in case of car breakdowns
  • Mark barriers and hazardous areas
  • Visible from all directions
  • Reflective tape
  • Ease of handling and storage
  • Fits into car boot or under seat
  • Very stable and lightweight due to low centre of gravity
  • Integrated waterproof/splashproof flashing LED light for night or twilight conditions
  • Battery operated LED light (2 x AAA)
  • Waterproof, anti-UV, fading resist.
  • Material: rainproof oxford fabric; Base: PE
  • Dimension: 19cm X 19cm X 36cm ( 45cm height)



  1. When other driver don't see a person or vehicle on the side of the road accidents happen. Emergency services and breakdown crews always use warning lights and safety cones for this very reason, and so should you.
  2. Safety cone add an unusual visual element to the road-side scene which increases the probability that will pay attention and respond with caution as they approach.
  3. Safety cones send a strong message to approaching drivers that there is a stationary hazard up ahead - a car with its flashers on could mean anything and may not even be stationary.
  4. If you've broken down and are working on your car, your vehicle's flashers might warn other traffic that your car is there, but it won't indicate that you may also be alongside the vehicle. Safety cones give that message - once again a strong safety message that drivers understand.
  5. If your car has broken down due to an electrical problem, your flashers may not work at all.
  6. If your vehicle is parked close to a blind corner, you can use your safety cones to give advance warning to approaching drivers and getting them to slow down before it is too late.
  7. Any time you're stopped in an exposed area with any degree of risk from passing vehciles, you should deploy and activate one or more safety cones, particularly at night or in bad weather, but also at any time in any conditions.
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